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Why AdSpy is the Best Spy Tool in the Market

Spying is the new research. In order to remain relevant, you have to learn what your most successful competitors are doing differently. AdSpy is the best tool for the job. Plus, you can enjoy a well-deserved leg up thanks to our awesome exclusive AdSpy Coupon.

What is AdSpy?

AdSpy is a great ad intelligent analysis platform on which you can readily spy on your competitors’ advertising campaigns. Essentially, AdSpy is the largest searchable database of Facebook and Instagram Ads in the world. In a word, AdSpy seeks to keep top advertisers innovating and holds social media organizations to account for their content.

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Features of AdSpy

1. Powerhouse of data

AdSpy boasts of up to 14M+ advertisers. As a result, there are up to 89M+ ads spanning over 88 different dialects and in 203 countries.

This ever expanding database of Ads ensures that no single Ad that is important to your business and niche goes unnoticed. Also, thanks to the quick and intelligent interface, you can search and filter this massive data effectively in a few clicks.

If there is a product that is trending or a hot product, no matter how niche, AdSpy will know about it and so will you.

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2. Enhanced Basic Search

With excellent search filters features such as the Enhanced Basic search, AdSpy offers you the most powerful search and filter tool of any spy software.

You can search by Ad Text, Media Type, Site Type, Technologies, Countries, Gender, Ages, Network, Affiliate ID, and Offer ID.

Also, you can filter your search through timelines including Last Seen, Seen Between, and Created Between as well as Total Likes, and Daily Likes.

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3. Tailored for Affiliates

Often, we say AdSpy is made by Affiliates for Affiliates. This is true. There is a lot of money to be made from Affiliate Marketing.

Whenever a sale is made from a product referred by an affiliate, they earn a commission. Affiliate marketing has skyrocketed in the past few years. And AdSpy helps affiliates to learn and copy what their fellow affiliates are doing.

With AdSpy, you can access granulated details like graphics, content, landers, and links. This way, you gain more actionable intel on what works and what doesn’t.

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AdSpy Pricing

AdSpy eliminates the need to haggle over multiple pricing subscriptions. For a monthly payment of $149, you can enjoy all AdSpy has to offer.

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AdSpy is not only the best Ad spying tool but also a great native advertisement spy tool. All the insights that are crucial to your e-commerce business will be right on your screen. Plus, with our AdSpy Coupon, it’ll be like you are getting the whole thing for peanuts. Use our AdSpy Coupon today and see your business scale exponentially.